About Us

When your business relies on quality, you can depend on us

Serving satisfied customers since 2008

Formed in Dubai in 2008, our company was created by a need of the management team for professional hosting services as they were used to back home.


Our VPS servers are physically located in Dubai on the main internet backbone of the United Arab Emirates. Customers in the UAE and MENA region will experience vastly reduced latency of servers located in the USA. To give you as many options as possible, we also offer servers from our UK data centre too.

Quality Management

Our focus is on quality and unlike many other hosts we do not overload our servers. We guarantee you receive the resources you pay for, and we only use quality DELL enterprise servers and RAID storage that is designed to operate 24 hours, 365 days a year.

Our Core Values

Passionate - We are driven to make the lives of our customers easier with technology.

Flexible - Regardless of size, we aim to find solutions to suit our customers needs.

Excellence - Our experienced management team chooses quality over the cheapest option every time. No gimmicks, no hidden costs, simply strong and reliable service.

Professional & Friendly Service

Enterprise grade servers, with enterprise support to match

Uptime Guarantee

Choosing quality over cheap components, we have invested in infrastructure to ensure every aspect is enterprise grade - that's why we offer a 99.95% uptime guarantee with all our services.

Expert Support

Our team of server experts work around the clock and respond in a quick, professional and understanding manner to resolve your issues as soon as possible.

Based in Dubai

With our Dubai based offices you get direct support from industry professionals when you need it, without waiting for slow e-mail responses from different time zones.

Our Mission

To deliver fantastic customer service to the Middle East, providing people peace of mind through the use of technology.

Why Customers Choose Us?

Top ten reasons our customers trust us

  1. We work around the clock – Morning, noon and night we’ll have trained engineers on hand for 24 hour support.
  2. We’re great value for money – We carefully craft our services to get you the most out of your server. With pre-determined usage rates and only the best hardware, we’ll help your money go that extra mile.
  3. We’re based in Dubai - Unlike many other hosting companies from the USA and Europe, we operate right here on your doorstep making for faster connectivity and support when you need it most.
  4. Speak to us directly – Say goodbye to call centres with our skilled engineers on hand to answer your calls.
  5. We hire the best – Our team are all skilled engineers with senior management boasting over 15 years of hosting experience. We know what we’re doing and are here for the long run.
  6. We’re honest – We are open and transparent with our customers, meaning no jargon heavy communications. We’ll keep you updated every step of the way.
  7. We’re passionate about technology – We utilize the latest technologies and are always on the look out for new solutions to make your systems more reliable, secure and most importantly, better value for money.
  8. Reliable partners – We only work with the most reputable and reliable partners out there such as Microsoft , DELL and HP. We share their strong values for quality meaning you’ll get only the best at every step.
  9. Flexibility – With our plans, you’ll be able to customise the services the way you want.
  10. Dependable – Anyone can work around the clock, but not everyone can be passionate about providing excellent customer care like we do. We’re driven to deliver and uphold a reputation based on quality, reliability and trust.

We're trusted