Hosted Exchange

Microsoft's premier e-mail solution is a business standard, providing the ultimate in collaboration.

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Key features: 100GB mailbox, sync to mobile, software included.

From 44 dhs/mo

Serverspace Mail

Our mail solution is cost effective and packed with powerful features that are intuitive and easy to use.

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Key features: 25GB Mailbox, no software needed, cost effective.

From 9 dhs/mo

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Hosted Exchange 2013 E-Mail

Flexibility to use both Exchange 2013 and Serverspace Mail

Provision Exchange and Serverspace Email mailboxes on the same domain, giving users the functionality they need without paying for powerful Exchange features they don’t need.

Users have access to separate, yet compatible email platforms with access to the same shared data. Unified Email and Exchange users can view and share calendars to streamline meeting planning and resource scheduling.

Both email platforms combine into a single company directory allowing users on either platform to share and publish updated contact information accessible by everyone.

Increase Productivity

Have the information you need at your fingertips

Unlimited Parked Domains

Save money and remove duplicated mailboxes, group together multiple domains with all email going to the same mailbox.

Unlimited E-mail Groups

Set up an unlimited number of distribution groups (a group email address which forwards to multiple users) without any extra cost.

Shared Calendars

Share your calendar with multiple users, create multiple calendars, and import events from other calendar sources.

Shared Contacts

Keep track of frequent contacts with the shared company directory and create an unlimited number of personal contact lists.

Huge Mailboxes per User

Store years of mail online with a massive 100GB of mailbox storage per Exchange mailbox (or 25GB per Serverspace mailbox), all data is protected with our comprehensive data backup.

50MB Attachments

We allow large file attachments with twice the attachment size limit of other providers making sending and receiving large files a breeze.

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Multi-level protection designed to keep your data secure

Secure Password Sync

Keep your user's Active Directory password synchronized with their Hosted Exchange mailbox using our federation tools.

Ad-Free & Privacy Guaranteed

Unlike other hosted email services such as Hotmail®, Gmail™, and Yahoo!® Email we don't read your email and will never show you adverts.

Spam & Virus Protection

Every email we receive is checked with 3 independent spam and virus scanners - we keep you safe from email-borne threats and spam.

Enhanced Encryption

All transmissions between your device, destination devices, and our servers are transmitted over secure HTTPS connections with the latest SSL encryption techniques.

Microsoft Experts

Rest easy knowing that a team of over 100 Microsoft Certified Professionals work together to look after your e-mail service around the clock.

30-Day Backups

Easily recover messages in Outlook for up to 14 days, and restore an entire deleted mailbox for up to 30 days with Exchange Native protection.

Synchronize Desktop, Tablet & Mobile

Multiple devices, one set of data with ActiveSync

Sync Email & Access Anywhere

Email sent from phone or tablets appears in sent items on your desktop Outlook - multiple devices, one set of data.

Sync Contacts & Calendars

Synchronize your phone contacts and calendar appointments with Outlook running on your desktop. If you get a new phone or tablet, your data will be restored in no time without any data loss.

Blackberry Enterprise Services

We also offer Blackberry Enterprise Server (BES) for the sync of calendars and contacts from your Blackberry handsets.

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Free Outlook Software Included with each Exchange Mailbox

Microsoft Outlook 2013 and Mac Outlook 2011

Outlook 2013 (Windows)

Microsoft's enterprise e-mail platform, a license for Outlook 2013 is included for every Hosted Exchange mailbox user running on our hosting service.

Outlook 2011 (Mac)

For Apple Mac OS X users we provide a license for Outlook 2011 for use with our Hosted Exchange platform.

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Powerful Serverspace Webmail

No software needed, runs straight from web browser

No Software Needed

Runs straight from your web browser, saving time and headache of system administration. Should you prefer, we can also connect with traditional desktop mail clients.

Automatic Configuration

Instantly detects and configures IMAP & POP3 clients such as Outlook, Thunderbird, and other popular email software.

Centralized Directory

Access information from the shared directory and create personal lists to keep track of frequent contacts.

Share Calanders

Create multiple calendars, share them with users, and import events from other calendar sources.

Create Tasks

Manage your personal tasks and set reminders with due dates.

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Easy to Setup & Manage

Setup and manage users at a click of a button

Automatic Setup

Save time with automatic configuration. Instantly detect and configure Outlook profiles with the auto-discover feature built in to the Microsoft Outlook client.

Control Panel

Manage your entire email hosting environment, including permissions, storage, mailbox creation, and more with just a few clicks using our intuitive Control Panel.

Optional Support Services

In addition to managed migration, we also offer on-site technical support within Dubai for e-mail issues on a simple per call out basis.

Learn More About E-Mail Support Services

User Management

  • Manage Users
  • Add/Delete User Aliases
  • Add/Delete Distribution Groups
  • Manage Mobile Phone ActiveSync
  • Manage BlackBerry Enterprise Services

Spam Filtering

  • Edit Blacklists
  • Edit Safelists
  • Block by Domain or IP
  • Set Preferences per User
  • Set Domain Wide Preferences

Domain Management

  • Set Disclaimers
  • Add Domain Alias
  • Catch-All Address
  • BCC Archiving


  • Grant or Deny POP3, IMAP, SMTP access
  • Reset User passwords
  • Enable/Disable Webmail Access

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Compare E-Mail Hosting Plans

See the difference between Serverspace Mail and Exchange

Serverspace Mail Exchange
Cost per mailbox per month from 9dhs from 44dhs
Mailbox Size 25GB 100GB
Mix Unified Mail & Exchange Users on Same Domain
50MB Attachments
Deleted Item 14-Day Retention
Extended 30 Days Restore -
Use Outlook, Thunderbird or Entourage to check and send email
Synchronize Sent and Received Email with Outlook client Yes, with IMAP
Use Outlook to Synchronize Contacts, Calendars & Tasks -
Use Outlook to Share Contacts, Calendars & Tasks -
Use Outlook's Scheduling Assistance to Coordinate Meetings -
Includes Outlook 2011 (Mac) for Use with Service -
Includes Outlook 2013 (Windows) for Use with Service -
Webmail Features
View Email, Contacts, Calendars and Tasks via Webmail
Use Webmail to Share Calendars
Use Webmail to Share Contacts -
Mobile Phone Features
Check and send email via iPhone, Android, Windows or Blackberry
Synchronize Sent and Received Email with Other Devices Yes, with IMAP
Sync Contacts & Calendars with iPhone, Android, Windows or Blackberry Q10 -
Sync Contacts & Calendars with Blackberry (other than Q10) - Yes, with BES
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Frequently Asked Questions

Question unanswered? Drop us a message we are here to help

How long does it take to setup e-mail hosting?

Start setting up mailboxes immediately after signup. If we have concerns about fraud or spamming then activation may take up to 24 hours whilst verification of information provided is made.

How is my information protected?

We securely distribute accounts across multiple servers so your data is not held on a single, dedicated server. This reduces the risk of domain-wide outages and reduces your cost.

What's the difference between Serverspace Email and Microsoft Exchange?

Serverspace Email is a web-based email client with calendars, contacts, tasks, and notes. The email component of the service is accessible via desktop clients like Outlook and web-enabled mobile devices via POP and IMAP. Microsoft Exchange includes the same with the added benefits of deep Outlook integration, public folders, and optional push service for mobile devices.

Another supplier is cheaper, why should I choose you instead?

To reach the lowest price often means sacrificing quality and using unreliable equipment. We serve businesses that understand the need for quality over simply the lowest price. With us, your selected product is backed by a team of technical experts managing your systems, a decade of hosting experience and enterprise grade stability. If your business needs support, reliability and stability, then we outshine other providers.

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