Fast Web Hosting in Dubai

Traditionally people have always hosted their websites in Europe or the USA, but many don’t realise how much business they could be losing by keeping up with the latest trend, Website Hosting in the UAE.

Lower latency with UAE Servers in Dubai

With our web servers in our Dubai Datacentre we are able to offer blazing fast connectivity to your target market. Websites load in a number of steps, if each step has father to travel the site will take longer to load.

Compared to the USA, our latency is over 50 times less (5ms compared to 250ms). This means that customers on our Dubai web servers load their sites up to 8 times faster than their competitors in the USA. As an example you can browse around our site, you will see how much faster it is from the UAE on our Dubai web server farm.

Customers are much more likely to use and buy from a site which is fast, responsive and loads quickly. With Dubai Web Hosting you are ensuring your business has every chance to succeed.

Better SEO with UAE Web Hosting from a Dubai Datacentre

Your business is based in the UAE. Your phone numbers have UAE dial codes. Your customers are based in the UAE. You’ve just spent tens of thousands of dirhams on your new website and decide to save by hosting in the USA. Google knows your site is in the USA and will cater searches for people in America, not for your target audience in the United Arab Emirates.

Don’t let your investment not perform as well as it should, with Dubai Web Hosting you will not only load faster than your competition who host in the USA, hosting in the UAE will help increase your chances of being #1 on Google too.

Answers when you need then with our Dubai Hosting support team

Ask your friends who are hosting their company websites with companies in Europe and the USA how long they take to get answers. The difference between the United Arab Emirates and USA time zones is more than a working day, that means just as you are going to sleep you are getting replies on the issue you sent in when you were eating breakfast… issues can take days to resolve.

By having a team of web hosting experts in Dubai, you get responses aligned to your time zone so no late night emails just peace of mind. We operate 24/7, 365 days a year.

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