Dubai Web Servers

Leading research suggests over 60% of users go elsewhere if a website loads too slowly. The distance from where your server is located to your target market is one of the highest contributing factors to slow sites, otherwise known as latency.

If you are hosting in Europe whilst your competitors have their website hosting in Dubai, you will be at an immediate disadvantage and potentially loosing revenue. Whilst your competitors business thrive with UAE Hosting, your amazing website that you have invested heavily in will be unable do its job as a 24 hour sales person. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Dubai Web Servers are the Answer

The major search engines know that faster websites produce happier customers. As a result, sites that are hosted in Dubai will load faster and rank higher for the Middle East target market. By ranking higher, hosting in the UAE will mean your cost per click is lower.

No subsea cables to go over, no traffic leaving the UAE, just plain simple direct connectivity from customers in the Middle East to your web server in our Dubai Datacentre.

Customers using Dubai Hosting will enjoy a 5ms latency (verses 150ms in Europe or 250ms in the USA), which in plain English translates in to loading times up to 10 times quicker, increased conversions and giving your business the best opportunity to grow.

Dubai IP Addresses

As our servers are in Dubai they have UAE IP addresses. In addition to the blazing fast speed from Dubai Servers, Google and other major search engines know the server is local to the UAE market too and will rank your Dubai Hosted site higher up in search results for potential customers looking for products and services in the Middle East.

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